Who Is Coach Chris Browne?

Coach Chris Browne is a Speaker and Coach who specialises in inspiring individuals to take the necessary steps towards making positive change of life.

He is a member of ITOL, qualified in teaching, and has also been working in the field of Personal Development for a number of years. Coach Chris has had the pleasure of working with individuals and delivering workshops as well as talks at many well known organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally on various topics such as Employability, Communication, Confidence building, Goal setting, and also facilitating workshops on Successful Interview Techniques, to name a few. Coach Chris Browne says, “One of my most interesting audience experience that I have had in my work to date was to co-host an event at Wembley Arena to a crowd  number of 11,500 people, and my most significant is to have individual come back or write to say how their life has changed through attending one my workshops.

Coach Chris is also resident coach on the Chrissy B Show, (Great positive show) Where he shares advice and gives inspiration to the viewers who may have challenges in various areas of their lives. This show gives good, genuine practical, valuable, life changing information to help you to develop and enhance your life! (Catch it on Sky 203 or Youtube)

‘One of the biggest blessings is to get up on a Monday morning and get paid for doing something you enjoy doing’ 

Here is a testimony from a client who experienced Coach Chris Browne’s group session, which he says ‘It reminds me of why I do this’

None of what I’m about to tell you could ever have been possible without your help. Firstly – I’m back with my husband and he is at last working. We are very happy. Secondly – I have also found work so I no longer sign on ( hahaha to tell the truth I’m sitting at work writing this msg) Life is looking up for me and I thank you from deep within my heart for all your help”. From attendee Mrs Z

Coach Chris says, ‘I have been told that my style of delivery is fun, humorous, but down to earth with a serious focus, which makes the transference of information an enjoyable experience. My desire is to reach out to as many people as possible, to assist them to change their circumstances into a positive one.’ I believe that we all have the power within to make a positive difference in our lives and of those around us’

As you go through this website we hope you will be, inspired and gain the knowledge, strength, and the tools to embrace your new positive change.

Developing You

To be inspired is the main focus of this website, as there are many areas in our lives that we could all improve on. Here are a few areas that tend to often get highlighted, Work, Finances, Love life, and Family. As I had mentioned these are just a few, but each one of them are like the branches of a tree, and they all lead to other aspects of our lives such as personal value.

When you look in the mirror you see an outward reflection of yourself, but what if you could look again at that mirror and see what is really going on in the inside. As it is understood, your outer image is part of a reflection of what is going on in the inside, this is projected through our actions and reactions to situations. So, to see what is really going on, you would need to start to really get to know and develop, you.

There will be some valuable development tips in the blogs section and on my YouTube Channel do check it out at ʻCoach Chris Browneʼ and please do share with others if you feel that they could benefit from these tips as well. Also for inspirational  talks and workshops do contact Coach Chris Browne to come to your event,to do this please go to the bookings page here

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Coach Chris Browne is available to talk at establishments to help groups and individuals who want to go further in their life and reach their goals.

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