A Job Search with added Passion
Are you choosing roles in your job search for the right reasons? According to the Investor in People (IIP) 60% of the UK workforce are not happy in their current … › Read more
How to beat the fear of Interviews
You want to beat that fear of interviews, but your mind just will not let you overcome those fearful thoughts. You spend a good bit of your time job searching … › Read more
Interviews: What are you projecting?
Once upon a time interviews were taken on a certain amount of standard questions that to some point you could slightly assume what was coming (wrong thing to do). But … › Read more
Interviews: Final questions
I can remember many years ago when I worked in sales for a small company. I was then promoted to managing a team. I interviewed some new recruits and there … › Read more
Confidence & Assertivness
The words Confidence and Assertiveness can often at times be a little bit confusing, as they seem to portray a little of the same thing. But, Confidence and Assertiveness are … › Read more
Most people are born with a dream, and as¬†children we begin to talk, get excited and act out our dreams. But, as time goes on and with a little … › Read more
Innovation is a very essential part of human growth and has proven to put us at the top of the chain in many ways. If we were not programmed for … › Read more
Knowing Your Self Worth
When in the world of seeking employment it can sometimes seem like a forever winding road. A road that goes a little like this, from interview to interview, sending out … › Read more
A Reflection
There was a dog who was on his route home with a lovely juicy bone in his mouth. Whilst walking along the bank of a lake, he looked down in … › Read more
Look Good, But Be Good
“It’s not all about how good you look. It’s about how well you perform that makes you look good” Coach Chris Browne¬† … › Read more
Purposeful Life
Think about this, as a child you’d never really put a puzzle together without seeing the full picture. You would tend to look at the picture on the cover of … › Read more
How to create the life you want
We hear a lot of information about creating the life you want, which I believe is possible. But, first we have to know what type of life we really want.… › Read more


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