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I had the opportunity to be asked if I would run a Motivational workshop for young males, who were slightly ‘off track’, in which was known to be a pretty tough area. Well, I just could not turn this down, as I believe most situations could be turned around, but of course if the individual wants to turn it around bad enough. But, how would you know you want it bad enough, if you don’t know what it is you want, and if you don’t know what you want, then what are you aiming for? This was the sort of question that came up in my mind on the day of the workshop.


When posed the question of ‘What job or career would you choose, if you knew that nothing would stop you and you would no doubt achieve it. What would it be?’ The group came up with some really good and interesting answers, which I scribed on a Whiteboard, eg: Lawyer, Air Traffic Controller, Judge, Business Person, Entrepreneur, Footballer.

I then asked what did these jobs have in common?

They said they were all high paying jobs.

I asked how many believed that they could become these roles later in life?

The boys started to respond, with a few saying that they knew that could not happen for them, and then the rest started to add to this with the same answers, as if a ripple effect of ‘impossible’ had begun and passed through the room amongst them.


Sometimes our surroundings limit our longterm vision of possibilities of what could be in our lives.

When we are filled with a vision of negative things happening around us it is more easy to believe them as part of our lives, than to imagine the good things that happen to people being a part of our lives. Most of the time we believe that this is for other people and not for us. We need to break this comfortable thought, and start again.


Day dreaming is not such a bad thing, once creating a vision with applied action, things begin to happen, as this takes us out of this environment into vision and possibilities. When we are about to do something, we think about it first no matter how big or small, we picture it, then do.

Lets begin to reprogram this effect of our environment, and realise that just as many bad things happen, it’s possible that many good things can happen too!


Begin to monitor the negative and doubtful way you promote yourself, e.g ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘that will never happen for me’.

Change it to “I can do that’ and give it a try, or start believing that you are deserving of good things.


Going back to the boys I spoke of earlier, by the end of the workshop we had addressed the reason of why not, and set a program of the things we need to do bit by bit towards these goals.

When asked at the end what had been gained they said a clearer vision, knowing what they have to do, added with the ability to believe!


Thoughts + Action = Results


Coach Chris Browne

Chris Browne
Coach Chris Browne is a Public speaker whoʼs focus is Personal Development Coaching, and specialising in inspiring individuals to take the necessary steps towards making a positive life change.
Chris Browne
Chris Browne

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