Potential & Growth
There is a saying about fishes in a tank that is often said, “The bigger your tank the bigger your fish will grow” I say, that there are some crucial … › Read more
Do Good Followers Make Good Leaders ?
There is often talk about great leaders, but I have often thought when hearing this talk Who are their followers? In this questionable thought of, why are they following this … › Read more
Moving takes vision
Question? Why are your eyes positioned at the front of your head? I believe the answer would be simple: To see in front of you. Also your vision spans wide … › Read more
Tropical Communication
One of my hobbies is looking after our Tropical fish, and at our home we have a Tropical fish aquarium with a number of beautifully, coloured fish. It’s what is … › Read more
Choosing Your Ideal Job
Have you ever thought about this, because if you have, good you are on the way, and if you have not, this is the time to begin. Most of us … › Read more
Overcoming Your Fear [Part 2]
Last week in Part 1 we broke down what fear is, this week in Part 2 we are going to suggest different ways to challenge your fear. Talking it through… › Read more
Overcoming Your Fear
Most people generally have some kind of fear in their life, or at some point had a fear! It could be a fear of losing the business, facing certain challenges, … › Read more
Get that Job
Did you know that the first few seconds, that you walk through the door at an interview, the interviewer has made their mind up about you already. Yes, that’s right, … › Read more
Knowing When to Rest
I was having a telephone chat with a dear friend who used to work as a top Chef to the Rich and the Royals; this woman still today always sends … › Read more
Are you Evolving or Revolving ?
Today, I have a question for you, are you Evolving or Revolving? Do you feel stuck, as if nothing is changing and that you are going around in circles, or … › Read more
Belief & Vision
I had the opportunity to be asked if I would run a Motivational workshop for young males, who were slightly ‘off track’, in which was known to be a pretty … › Read more
Interview Technique Mindset
In my experience as a trainer, I have worked with a number of Employability Training Agencies, with many people from various backgrounds and different circumstances. I really enjoy working with … › Read more


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