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Coach Chris has been much sought after for his unique style of delivery that gets results. He has facilitated workshops that has had amazing results. For example whilst facilitating an Employability workshop, 40 job seekers attended 3 days with Chris, 38 got jobs within a week and a half after.

  • Delivered Goal setting talks, which has set many to have a life change.
  • Weekly resident Coach on Sky’s My Channel, The Chrissy B show touching the lives of many with good down to earth, life changing, valuable, information to empower viewers in different areas of their life.
  • Also delivered inspirational sessions to high profile companies to individuals who need that extra to make things happen.

What’s in it for you!

  • Goal Setting – Breaking down your steps to reach your goal.
  • Motivation – Inspiration to keep you going.
  • Communication – Enhance who you are through effective Communication.
  • Confidence building – Assisting you to find your inner Confidence.
  • Team Building – Be a better team-player.
  • Interview Techniques – Gain insightful interview techniques.

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This academic year, Chris Browne has facilitated several role-play workshops for the Police Access course at our college, and has provided a high-quality service, giving the students confidence, highly effective strategies and invaluable emotional and psychological background knowledge.
Steven Saunders , Police Access Tutor - West Thames College
Chris’s presentation knowledge & Communication skills were excellent!
Ms P, Nurse - NHS
Dear Chris Hope this finds you. Work is hectic and I am very busy, but it is good to be back “in the field”. Client has advised our project has become the largest under construction in the world at present (as they have added additional 30 towers) – so it would appear they mean to consolidate their postition as business hub of Middle East. I have further good news: I have been promoted to Associate Resident Engineer – reporting directly to Project Manager and overseeing our architectural team. Apparently client is impressed with my experience and has described me as “capable” – which is high praise indeed from a Saudi. Mr Hutchinson was unemployed until taking part in my “Interview skills & Selling self” workshop)
Mr Hutchinson, long term unemployed (At The Time)
“I was so impressed with Chris when he came on my show for the first time that I asked him to come on every week as our resident self-development coach. He has a way of making you believe that you can achieve anything and gives you the tools you need to get there. He’s a fantastic person and genuinely cares.”
Chrissy B, Presenter - The Chrissy B Show

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Coach Chris Browne is available to talk at establishments to help groups and individuals who want to go further in their life and reach their goals.

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