Interviews: What are you projecting?
Once upon a time interviews were taken on a certain amount of standard questions that to some point you could slightly assume what was coming (wrong thing to do). But … › Read more
Confidence & Assertivness
The words Confidence and Assertiveness can often at times be a little bit confusing, as they seem to portray a little of the same thing. But, Confidence and Assertiveness are … › Read more
Most people are born with a dream, and as children we begin to talk, get excited and act out our dreams. But, as time goes on and with a little … › Read more
Knowing Your Self Worth
When in the world of seeking employment it can sometimes seem like a forever winding road. A road that goes a little like this, from interview to interview, sending out … › Read more
A Reflection
There was a dog who was on his route home with a lovely juicy bone in his mouth. Whilst walking along the bank of a lake, he looked down in … › Read more
Look Good, But Be Good
“It’s not all about how good you look. It’s about how well you perform that makes you look good” Coach Chris Browne  … › Read more
Purposeful Life
Think about this, as a child you’d never really put a puzzle together without seeing the full picture. You would tend to look at the picture on the cover of … › Read more
Potential & Growth
There is a saying about fishes in a tank that is often said, “The bigger your tank the bigger your fish will grow” I say, that there are some crucial … › Read more
Do Good Followers Make Good Leaders ?
There is often talk about great leaders, but I have often thought when hearing this talk Who are their followers? In this questionable thought of, why are they following this … › Read more
Moving takes vision
Question? Why are your eyes positioned at the front of your head? I believe the answer would be simple: To see in front of you. Also your vision spans wide … › Read more
Tropical Communication
One of my hobbies is looking after our Tropical fish, and at our home we have a Tropical fish aquarium with a number of beautifully, coloured fish. It’s what is … › Read more
Overcoming Your Fear [Part 2]
Last week in Part 1 we broke down what fear is, this week in Part 2 we are going to suggest different ways to challenge your fear. Talking it through… › Read more


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