A Job Search with added Passion
Are you choosing roles in your job search for the right reasons? According to the Investor in People (IIP) 60% of the UK workforce are not happy in their current … › Read more
Confidence & Assertivness
The words Confidence and Assertiveness can often at times be a little bit confusing, as they seem to portray a little of the same thing. But, Confidence and Assertiveness are … › Read more
A Reflection
There was a dog who was on his route home with a lovely juicy bone in his mouth. Whilst walking along the bank of a lake, he looked down in … › Read more
Get that Job
Did you know that the first few seconds, that you walk through the door at an interview, the interviewer has made their mind up about you already. Yes, that’s right, … › Read more
How to Communicate Effectively
Communication is the key to your success. Have you heard this before? To become an effective communicator will change your life and put you ahead in many situations. This could … › Read more
Making Decisions
Too much analysis causes paralysis! What a phrase, but sadly it is a fact. How many times have you thought of doing something and feel that you have to check … › Read more
Is It Impossible For You?
There was a period when flying was something that only ‘nutty professors’  thought or talked about, as in ‘one day’ and then there were people who spoke of being able … › Read more
Write A Vision, A Goal
Before you begin to read this blog, I want you to know this is not about religion, but about practical good sense, so read on! I was at my church … › Read more
Are you doing what you want to do, or what you are supposed to do?
Many of us have dreams and aspirations, that we work very hard at and sometimes it seems an everyday pleasure, that you just canʼt wait to wake up in the … › Read more
Embracing Change
A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it – Chinese Proverb   In this era of information technology (IT) change seems … › Read more
Discover Your Learning Style
Watch as Chris Browne gives a really eye-opening insight about the ways people learn. Then take a test and see what your learning style is and how to use that … › Read more
Find It Hard To Commit? Read this…
Commitment is a big word to some people, but to another it is must, to achieving their personal goal in life. We make commitments to many different areas in life, … › Read more


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