A Job Search with added Passion
Are you choosing roles in your job search for the right reasons? According to the Investor in People (IIP) 60% of the UK workforce are not happy in their current … › Read more
Most people are born with a dream, and as children we begin to talk, get excited and act out our dreams. But, as time goes on and with a little … › Read more
Choosing Your Ideal Job
Have you ever thought about this, because if you have, good you are on the way, and if you have not, this is the time to begin. Most of us … › Read more
Look Ahead
Picture this scenario………. You get into your vehicle about to go for a drive, in front of you is the windscreen and you could see that beautiful stretch of road … › Read more
Write A Vision, A Goal
Before you begin to read this blog, I want you to know this is not about religion, but about practical good sense, so read on! I was at my church … › Read more
Are you doing what you want to do, or what you are supposed to do?
Many of us have dreams and aspirations, that we work very hard at and sometimes it seems an everyday pleasure, that you just canʼt wait to wake up in the … › Read more
Does Hard Work Equal Success?
The fact that we have been taught to work hard and you will be successful, as being the key to your success must still baffle many people. Now take moment … › Read more
Change Your Financial Life
When there is no money, it is not funny, now that might seem like a catchy line that called your attention, but the truth is, it is a fact. Because … › Read more
Personal Development, Your Individual Progress
The human being is a specie that has a programmed feature to grow and achieve, like other species, are programmed to grow and survive, so it would seem that we … › Read more
Find It Hard To Commit? Read this…
Commitment is a big word to some people, but to another it is must, to achieving their personal goal in life. We make commitments to many different areas in life, … › Read more
Investment In You
Here is a statement I once heard, “Donʼt look at people as they are, look at them as they are about to become”   Now, this is a statement, that … › Read more
The Importance Of Goal Setting
Imagine this scenario you are about to go on a journey, firstly you do not know the directions, then you ask a few people on route the way, then the … › Read more


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