Knowing Your Self Worth
When in the world of seeking employment it can sometimes seem like a forever winding road. A road that goes a little like this, from interview to interview, sending out … › Read more
How to create the life you want
We hear a lot of information about creating the life you want, which I believe is possible. But, first we have to know what type of life we really want.… › Read more
Potential & Growth
There is a saying about fishes in a tank that is often said, “The bigger your tank the bigger your fish will grow” I say, that there are some crucial … › Read more
Choosing Your Ideal Job
Have you ever thought about this, because if you have, good you are on the way, and if you have not, this is the time to begin. Most of us … › Read more
Get that Job
Did you know that the first few seconds, that you walk through the door at an interview, the interviewer has made their mind up about you already. Yes, that’s right, … › Read more
How to Communicate Effectively
Communication is the key to your success. Have you heard this before? To become an effective communicator will change your life and put you ahead in many situations. This could … › Read more
Look Ahead
Picture this scenario………. You get into your vehicle about to go for a drive, in front of you is the windscreen and you could see that beautiful stretch of road … › Read more
Making Decisions
Too much analysis causes paralysis! What a phrase, but sadly it is a fact. How many times have you thought of doing something and feel that you have to check … › Read more
Get Out Of Your Own Way
Get out of your own way, and begin to go for it! What do I mean by this….. Well, a lot of the blockages that stop us, is usually to … › Read more
There are many in life who have overcome great tribulations, and left behind examples that have become  legacies. Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Olaudah Equiano, Helen Keller, to name … › Read more
Benefits of being in Love
We have come to that time of the year when lots of people are confessing their undying love for someone that their heart has been skipping a beat for a … › Read more
Claim The Positive In Your Name
What is in a name, or better still should I say what is in your name? I believe that names have meaning and also have power. How many times have … › Read more


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