Choosing Your Ideal Job

Have you ever thought about this, because if you have, good you are on the way, and if you have not, this is the time to begin. Most of us might have an idea of the job we want, but we don’t really take the time to understand our purpose or reason for wanting this job.

So let’s go, here are a just five questions to think about.

1) What job do you want?

2) What does it look like?

3) Why do you want this job or career?

4) What are the benefits?

5) What could you bring to it?

Now that you have clearly defined your dream job it’s time to go for it, but ……. armed with a perfect good enough reason to have it.

Coach Chris Browne

Chris Browne
Coach Chris Browne is a Public speaker whoʼs focus is Personal Development Coaching, and specialising in inspiring individuals to take the necessary steps towards making a positive life change.
Chris Browne
Chris Browne

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