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In my experience as a trainer, I have worked with a number of Employability Training Agencies, with many people from various backgrounds and different circumstances. I really enjoy working with groups in this situation as I see it as a challenge to get them ‘back on their feet’ and on the road to employment.

My understanding is that when this individual gets back into work it is not just ‘them’ that gets a job, they get their dignity back, their confidence gets re-established, their family gets back into a better situation, their communication with self and family gets better. They can also plan, save, and do things on the weekend. Overall it is a wholesome thing.

When facilitating training I get to know the group I am working with. I make my workshops fun but with a serious element to it, whilst still getting to know my clients in the group. Sometimes in getting to know that individual, you understand more of why they might be ‘long-term’ unemployed. This is not saying that the unemployment situation that they are in is entirely their fault, it is more of how we can begin to change certain ‘mindsets’, so that they will challenge this circumstance in a different way.

Having a number of ‘knocks’ with a lot of ‘No’s’ can, after a period of time begin to affect an individual’s confidence level to the point of expecting to be granted with a knock back before they have gone to the interview, and let’s face it one of the biggest break ups and arguments in families is the lack of money.

So picture this, just had a row at home before going to an interview, that you think are just going to say no to you. What a combination!

Here is what you must do:

We have to start all over again, by changing the sort of expectations in our ‘mindset’ about ourselves, and what we deserve! As hard as it might be, we are going to have to change our inner dialog that we have with ourselves, to a more positive one of expectations of good things to happen.
When entering the room of an interview, the first few seconds you enter through the door they have made their mind up about you. Not that they are aware of this themselves, it is more of a subliminal thinking.

So first few seconds you walk through the door they have made their mind up about you
but the rest of the interview, is you convincing them, that you are the one. (convince their conscious mind)

Think about this, the fact that you are there, means that they believe that you can do the job, otherwise they would not have wasted your time and theirs to invite you to the interview, so your kind of on the way to get the job. Then, so have all the other applicants, so your job now is to stand out in comparison to all the others who have been invited.

Start by thinking what is unique about you? If they had posed a question like this; Give me a good reason why we should accept you for the vacancy? What would say? Let this be your anchor throughout in thought, and obviously selling your background, skills, and ability, overall making you an asset to the company.


All the Success!

Coach Chris Browne

Chris Browne
Coach Chris Browne is a Public speaker whoʼs focus is Personal Development Coaching, and specialising in inspiring individuals to take the necessary steps towards making a positive life change.
Chris Browne
Chris Browne

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