Moving takes vision


Why are your eyes positioned at the front of your head?
I believe the answer would be simple: To see in front of you.
Also your vision spans wide and sees way ahead of you.

I think that if your eyes were positioned behind your head, you would have a bit of trouble moving forward.
But then another question, Why? Why? Why? do some people choose to set their vision on what has already gone in the past, things that they missed out on, that are behind them?

Make a decision to set your vision way ahead of you.
See what you want.
Create the vision in mind of the life that you want.
Your eyes vision is set ahead, and so is your mind set in forward thinking mode.
Don’t mess with the gage, it’s fixed.

Look ahead, Your future is bright!

Coach Chris Browne

Chris Browne
Coach Chris Browne is a Public speaker whoʼs focus is Personal Development Coaching, and specialising in inspiring individuals to take the necessary steps towards making a positive life change.
Chris Browne
Chris Browne

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  • By Lloyd Ankapong - on Reply

    This is a fantastic blog I felt as though Chris was speaking directly to myself.
    I resonate with everyword, as people we need to put our blinders on and not
    look left, right or behind. We just have to put all our focus on what’s ahead &
    what our future self will be like. Look ahead, we all have a bright future.

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