‘Your competition is not with others, your competition is with you to become better today than you were yesterday, and just fantastic tomorrow’. – Coach Chris Browne

How can I help you?

What I can do for you?


Just imagine how your life would be if you had a clear definition of direction & actions:

  • If you gained the confidence to do the things you always wanted to do.
  • If you knew how to plan and achieve your goals.
  • If you gained effective communication skills that gave you positive results.
  • If you were recognised as an asset to your company.

How would your life be if you could clarify all this and find purpose?
If you could imagine it, then it could be your reality.


Through my unique coaching style I have helped many clients from various backgrounds undertaking 1-2-1 to company group workshops and educational institutions such as Universities & Colleges and they have all had outstanding results.

Visit our client feedback page and have a look at what they have experienced in helping them to create their reality from individual achievements to increase in company productivity.

We all need the confidence to make and live our dreams.

If you would like to experience my unique coaching style to gain the clarity to achieve your personal goal or your organisation’s staff goal. Do not procrastinate any longer, get in touch and let’s see how I can help you to achieve your goal.

Client feedback

“I just wanted to express our appreciation for the fantastic and extremely informative Customer Service Training Session you delivered…

You did a wonderful job, thank you very much. The improvements are already noticeable.

We look forward to working with you in the future”

– Mrs R Alexis,  Group Operations Manager

“By my first session Chris tapped into what I really wanted and what was standing in my way to getting there.  By the 4th session I was making my dream career.

I have much more confidence in me and the path I have chosen, I now have a clear sense of direction.”

– Letina, Client

“Coach Chris Browne helped me get my life back on track, gain confidence and feel good about myself again.

I now work with a reputed banking company… And I have been able to program my mind to achieve my goals all thanks to Chris and his guidance. He helped me get through a difficult time in my life, and for that I am forever grateful.

– Hetal, Client

Who is Coach Chris Browne

Hi I am Chris Browne, better known as Coach Chris Browne.

In my work as a Coach I tend to focus on the area of Workplace staff enhancement and also 1-2-1 Personal development coaching.

I take the view of understanding the logistics of a company, whilst working on the logistics of the person in the company so that they could apply themselves in a more productive way for them and for the organisation making it a Win, Win outcome. This makes the individual an asset to their company and a better approach towards work and lifestyle.

I have been called upon for my services and unique style of training workshops, talks, and coaching by many individuals, organisations, and companies with proven results.

I also appear weekly on Sky TV’s Chrissy B show as their resident coach assisting the many viewers of the show to reach their personal development goals.

Previous Clients


What’s holding you?

Have you ever felt like you put in the effort, but yet still you are not progressing as fast as you would like as if something is holding you back? Have you felt that you just can’t get started? Well here is some food for thought, most people without knowing it...

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A Job Search with added Passion

Are you choosing roles in your job search for the right reasons? According to the Investor in People (IIP) 60% of the UK workforce are not happy in their current job roles (2015), this also questions our choices of why we choose the jobs we do? Have you ever chosen a...

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How to beat the fear of Interviews

You want to beat that fear of interviews, but your mind just will not let you overcome those fearful thoughts. You spend a good bit of your time job searching and filling online job applications with thoughts of they are not going to choose me, then it happens. Yes,...

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Interviews: What are you projecting?

Once upon a time interviews were taken on a certain amount of standard questions that to some point you could slightly assume what was coming (wrong thing to do). But now things have really changed, interviewers have upped their game, as the one thing as an...

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Interviews: Final questions

I can remember many years ago when I worked in sales for a small company. I was then promoted to managing a team. I interviewed some new recruits and there was a candidate that I still remember vividly up to this date. This candidate had a unique personality and was...

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Confidence & Assertivness

The words Confidence and Assertiveness can often at times be a little bit confusing as they seem to portray a little of the same thing. But, Confidence and Assertiveness are different from each other. You can have Confidence without being Assertive, but you can’t have...

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